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Diversity & Cultural Enrichment Core Theme Council

One of WVC’s core themes is the promotion of diversity and cultural enrichment. The campus has a group of committed faculty and staff who meet quarterly to discuss this promotion and key areas the campus should focus on. The sub-committees listed below meet bi-weekly or monthly to discuss their specific diversity areas.

Objective: Students and staff will be supported by practices and policies that create an inclusive environment for learning and work. The college community and residents will have opportunities to experience diverse and multiculturally rich perspectives through curriculum, educational programs, and special events.

 The current areas of focus for this Core Theme sub-committees are:

  • Diversity Requirement for Graduation
  • Promoting Cultural Events
  • Hiring practices to increase staff and faculty diversity
  • Safe zones / Bias Incident Response education and promotion 

WVC defines cultural enrichment as the facilitation, understanding promotion and acceptance of persons with diverse abilities, cultures, gender identities and ethnicities within WVC and the greater community through support and education. Cultural activities strive to raise awareness and understanding of a variety of experiences and cultures. This can include cultural heritage events, museum or art showings which celebrate art from different cultural perspectives. Music and sports events from around the world and curriculum development to encourage multicultural perspectives in the classroom.

Please check out our list of current events here