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Student Recreation Center

Welcome to the Student Recreation Center. It's a great day for a workout! We look forward to seeing you.  Contact us at  509-682-6943 or

Facility Waiver Form

All persons must fill out a facility waiver upon entry.

Facility Hours of Operation


July 4, 5 

Summer Quarter

Mon, Tues : 10am- 4 pm
Wed :  10 am - 8 pm
Thur, Fri : 10 am-4 pm


Contact Information

Aaron Vaughn

Student Recreation Center Manager
(509) 682-6942 

Adam Todd-Thomas
Intramural & Outdoor Recreation Manager

Outdoor Recreation Program

Our Outdoor Recreation Program allows students to develop lifelong skills within outdoor recreation to improve overall health, wellbeing, and cultivate a deeper sense of inclusion. To learn more click the link below.

Outdoor Rec



Welcome To The SRC

The Associated Students of Wenatchee Valley College (ASWVC) are excited to welcome you to the Student Recreation Center. Wenatchee Valley College's resource for students, faculty, and staff to workout and participate in recreational activities, wellness classes, intramural sports, and outdoor activities.

The SRC is located on the west side of campus, by Paul Thomas Sr. Field and Knights Field. 

For additional information please visit our frequently asked questions webpage or contact our team directly!

The Student Recreation  Center provides a wide variety of premier programs and equipment to promote active and healthy bodies.

The SRC offers two floors of amazing health and fitness options in our 20,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility equipped with a strength training area, fitness and cardio equipment areas, a two-court gymnasium, Hi-tech studio room, day use lockers and lobby. 

As a member of the SRC, you have exclusive use of the facility and access to all of its programs, including intramurals, group exercise, and outdoor recreation opportunities. 


We are committed to enriching the college and community by providing diverse and transformative educational and recreational opportunities to enhance physical, social, and emotional, health and wellness. 
The Student Recreation Center strives to provide access to students in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle that incorporates sports, fitness, and recreational activities that cultivate a deeper sense of inclusion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainability 
  • Diversity
  • Leadership

After participating in Student Recreation Center programs and services, students will be able to …

1. develop lifelong skills to improve overall health and wellbeing.

2. understand the importance of teamwork, leadership and healthy social interactions to resolve conflicts among team members.

3. experience leadership opportunities that result in improved communication, listening, time management skills, and more self‐confidence.

4. develop a greater understanding of sustainability and environmental issues by participating in outdoor programs.

5. Connect with the campus community and build relationships with peers.


Learning Stages for Individual Growth

1. WVC Recreational Member – Introductory Level

2. WVC Gold Member – Top 10th percentile for Facility usage – Intermediate Level

3. Intramural Champ – Mastery Level

1. WVC Recreational Member – Introductory Level

2. WVC Gold Member – Attend 3 Outdoor Rec Opportunities – Intermediate Level

3. Outdoor Rec Assistant – Mastery Level

1. WVC Recreational Member – Introductory Level

2. Complete 1 PEH Class held in the SRC – Intermediate Level

3. Complete 3 different PEH Classes held in the SRC – Mastery Level

1. WVC Recreational Member – Introductory Level

2. Instructor Certification – Intermediate Level

3. Student Rec Center Group Ex Instructor – Mastery Level

1. Student Rec Center Aide – Introductory Level

2. Student Rec Center Lead – Intermediate Level

3. Student Rec Center Supervisor – Mastery Level