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Residence Hall Accommodations

Wenatchee Valley College provides residence hall accommodations for students with disabilities that demonstrate a need for specific types of living environment on the basis of disability.  You may request residence accommodations through the usual process for securing accommodations. Please note that requests for residence accommodations for Fall quarter move-in (typically one week before 1st day of Fall quarter classes) should be made prior to July 15th to ensure availability. Requests made after the deadline will still be fully considered but availability of rooms is not guaranteed.  

Emotional Support Animals 

Students requesting an accommodation for an emotional support animal in the Residence Hall, in addition to following the usual process for securing accommodations, need a letter from the medical practitioner who diagnosed the condition that shows the need for an emotional support animal.  

The letter should articulate the need for the animal based on their medical condition. This letter should not say (simply): “In my professional opinion, due to [the student]'s condition, [the student] needs a comfort/emotional support animal.” Rather it needs to articulate why, based on the diagnosis, a comfort animal would be an accommodation for your condition. For example: “[The student] has been diagnosed with [condition X] using [some diagnostic means]. [Condition X] causes [the student] to have the following symptoms: [A,B,C]. We have found that through [some means] having a ‘comfort animal [of type Y]’ in [the student's] living area reduces or alleviates those symptoms.”  You can download a copy of this guidance for your medical provider here: Emotional Support Animal Additional Documentation

WVC Service Animal policy is available on the HR webpage