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Schedule Planners

There are several different tools for a student to use to help plan out their schedule for an upcoming quarter. 

  •  See Course Schedule under Programs of Study.
  • If you would like to know which courses to take for a specific degree or program, visit the Programs of Study page.

Online Planner

  • The planner will help you select classes that fit your schedule and educational needs. You will be able to select classes based on the following criteria:
  • Day of the week
  • Start times
  • Credits offered
  • Discipline
  • Whether the course satisfies a particular distribution requirement for the Direct Transfer degree. 

Launch Course Finder

Note:  When using these tools, be sure you select the correct quarter and campus (Wenatchee or Omak) at the top of the page before you begin.

As you find the classes that fit your needs, you can add them (by clicking on the yellow plus sign next to the item number) to create a printable schedule to use for advising and registration purposes. 

Note:  Use of either the Schedule Planner does not mean you are registered for any of these classes. These are for advising and planning purposes only.

Complete Course Schedule

After you select the quarter and campus you wish to view, this will show you every class being offered in alphabetical order. If you click on the button with the item number in the column labeled "Details," you will find more information on the class, such as the instructor, prerequisites, course description, and number of seats available.

Class Information 

By entering the four-digit item number for a particular class, and then selecting the correct year and quarter, you will get a detailed course description directly from the class schedule.  This will also tell you whether a class is still open and how many seats are available.