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Need help now? Call the local community crisis hotline (mental health) (509) 662-7105
or 1-800-852-2923 or visit The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline .

¿Necesitas ayuda ahora? Llame la línea directa de crisis local (salud mental) (509)662-7105
o 1-800-852-2923 o visita La linea Nacional de Prevencion del Sucidio 

Here to serve

Wenatchee Valley College Counselors are prepared to work with you whether you are experiencing an academic difficulty, a personal issue or any other situation you may need guidance in. 

Counselors provide a range of services that are free and confidential for WVC students

  • Academic Counseling
  • Re-admission petitions 
  • Personal Counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Career Counseling

What kind of counseling is available?

The professional Counselors in the counseling center are here to help you by offering a safe, confidential place where you can explore your concerns and discover new strength, insights and ways of coping. 

Short-term (three to five sessions), free, confidential counseling is available for WVC students in the following areas:

Academic counseling is for students who have concerns about classes, class work or academic performance.

For students who have been suspended or dismissed. Complete the Readmission petition and submit your form here.

Career Counseling is an important step in your academic journey. Career Counseling can be useful for everyone. Are you wondering what to major in or what career would be right for you? Career Counseling offers insight into your career options. Choosing the right career is an exciting, but sometimes daunting, project. It is a process of exploration, first about you -- what you love to do, what you do best, what is important to you -- and then about finding how you can use your unique talents to benefit others and make a difference in the world. For help in this process, book an appointment to see a Counselor or check out the Career assesments page:  Career Assessment and Planning

College is challenging and sometimes stressful. One of the challenges is maintaining a healthy balance in your personal and academic life. At times you may need assistance with this so that you can reach your academic goals. Schedule a personal counseling appointment with a counselor that can help you navigate challenging situations and provide you with tools to assist you in regaining a healthy balance. 

During the initial visit students and their counselor will work together to define important issues and mutually agreed-upon goals. The counselor will talk to students about how the college or community is best able to provide the kind of assistance needed. WVC's counseling service is designed to primarily support short-term counseling needs. Most students are seen for a few sessions over the quarter. If you wish to continue counseling, or if our counseling center is unable to provide the type of service you need or request, we will refer you to an appropriate outside agency.

Make an appointment 

Counseling services are available in person, via zoom and phone. If you are interested in a zoom or phone appointment please let us know. The Counselors are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM and are located in Wenatchi Hall on the first floor.

Omak Campus

Counselors are avalable in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Appointment options are in person, phone or zoom. Select your preference when scheduling your appointment

  • Our office is located in the Administration Building, Room 111A
  • Omak Counseling Phone: 509-422- 7810 

Schedule an appointment with a Counselor

Passport Youth

  • Have you ever been part of the Washington Foster care system?
  • You may be eligible for assistance in obtaining your education. 
  • Contact Lucero Martinez at for questions about the Passport youth program. 


Emergency Funding

WVC has funds to assist eligible students with tuition, fees, books,
technology needs, course materials, food, housing, gas, unexpected auto repairs, daycare and other expenses. 

Please contact WVC Counseling for more information:

Knight's Kupboard 

  • Who: Any current WVC student, staff and faculty facing food insecurities
  • What: WVC Knight's Kupboard food pantry provides assistance to students who lack food and other necessities due to financial hardship. The food pantry provides students with canned goods and hygiene products. Students may visit in person or utilize curbside pick up.  
  • When: Thursdays  from 12:00 -3:00 p.m. or click on the link to schedule your visit   Knight's Kupboard Access
  • Where: Van Tassell (previous book store location) Curbside pickup available, park in the designated loading zone for the WVC book store call the number displayed on the Knight's Kupboard sign or call 509-682-6690.  
  • Learn more:  Email WVC Counseling:
Omak Students:
  • Omak students can access the Pantry Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00-1:00 in the student lounge. 
  • Refer to the administration desk for access at other times during the week. 
  • Schedule an appointment for resource options. 

Growth Group 

  • Who: All current WVC students are invited to participate this group. 
  • What: The Growth Rroup will facilitate the development of skill such as: self regulation, identity development, stress management, resiliency,  and more. Students in this group will gain tangible skills that will assist in the attainment of their educational goals and promote their overall wellbeing.
  • When: The Growth Group will meet every Monday at 12:00 PM. 
  • Where: Our meetings will be held in-person in Mish ee twie room 1205. Zoom will also be available.
  • Join

 Learn more: Email Ayla Medina Ulloa: