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Password Management

Note to Students: At the end of each quarter, your network password* (student email and virtual desktop) will expire. You will be required to reset it.
*Your Canvas and ctcLink credentials will not be affected.

Step 1: Easily reset your password or unlock your account


Step 2 (optional): Edit your *MFA security settings (Security questions, Alternate email, telephone)

Account Settings

*MFA is Multi-Factor Authentication. These settings allow you to reset your password and unlock your account without contacting the helpdesk.

If you have any questions, please email the helpdesk at or call the helpdesk during normal operating hours at (509) 682-6550.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: Do you prevent users from multiple attempts to reset a password in a short period of time?
  • A: Yes, there are security features built into password reset to protect it from misuse.
    • Users can try only five password reset attempts within a 24 hour period before they're locked out for 24 hours.
    • Users can try to validate a phone number, send a SMS, or validate security questions and answers only five times within an hour before they're locked out for 24 hours.
    • Users can send an email a maximum of 10 times within a 10 minute period before they're locked out for 24 hours.
    • The counters are reset once a user resets their password.
  • Q: How long can the answers to security questions be?
  • A: Answers can be 3 to 40 characters long.
  • Q: Are duplicate answers to security questions rejected?
  • A: Yes, we reject duplicate answers to security questions.
  • Q: Can a user register the same security question more than once?
  • A: No. After a user registers a particular question, they can't register for that question a second time.