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College in the High School Adjunct Teachers

Considering CHS at your school?

WVC recommends carefully considering the decision to teach CHS classes before moving forward. CHS provides a college experience that prepares students to successfully transition to college after high school graduation. The role of a high school teacher is critical in fulfilling this purpose. A poor experience in a high school CHS class has the potential to drive students away from college, while a positive experience has the potential to drive them toward a successful college career and a job that they will hopefully enjoy throughout their life.

Before beginning the process of becoming a WVC CHS instructor, high school teachers should thoughtfully consider the following questions:

  • Am I excited about the idea of giving my students a college experience to better help them navigate college processes and experience college rigor so that they are better prepared for college after high school?
  • Am I willing to invest additional time and energy into learning the college curriculum and teaching that curriculum in the way outlined by the WVC academic department?
  • Am I willing to make myself easily accessible via phone or email to the WVC CHS department and WVC faculty liaison who will be assigned to me if I am approved to teach?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the questions above and feel excited about this new endeavor, you are well on your way to becoming a powerful force in the lives of students by preparing them to make that leap over to college after high school. If you would like more information regarding WVC's expectations for CHS instructors, please click here.

Current CHS Course Offerings

View CHS Course Offerings


Apply to Teach  for the College in the High School Program

High school teachers interested in teaching for WVC CHS must do the following: 

  1. Complete WVC College in the High School application
  2. Collect all transcripts (unofficial accepted) of undergraduate and graduate level course work
  3. Submit all above materials to the CHS Director, Maria Christina Monroe

The review and approval process takes about a week once a complete application has been submitted. The program director will inform you of the final decision via email. It is highly recommended to review the CHS Instructor/Liaison handbook to better understand the approval/denial process and necessary credentials to teach the course (page 6-8).


CHS Instructor/Liaison Handbook

Download Instructor/Liaison Handbook


Faculty Liaisons

Rene Baca

Rene BaccaOffice: Mish ee twie 1225G
Phone: 509.682.6738

B.A., Spanish, New Mexico State University

M.A., Spanish, New Mexico State University

Faculty Liaison for Spanish


Holly Bringman

Holly BringmanOffice: Mish ee twie 1325E
Phone: 509.682.6705

B.S., in Psychology from Washington State University        M.S., in Psychology from Eastern Washington University

Faculty Liaison for Psychology


Rob Fitch

Rob Fitch, WVC Science facultyOffice: Wenatchi Hall 2332
Phone: 509.682.6755

B.A., Aquatic Biology, University of California-Santa Barbara

M.A., Biology, University of British Columbia

Faculty Liaison for Biology


Rhia Foster

Rhia FosterOffice: MAC 1555
Phone: 509.682.6592

B.A. Jazz Performance, Berklee College of Music

B.A. Music Business, Berklee College of Music

Faculty Liaison for Music


 Rebecca Hargrove

Rebecca Hargrove, WVC English facultyOffice: Sexton Hall 6026H
Phone: 509.682.6654

B.A., Humanities, Lubbock Christian University
M.A., English, California State University

Faculty Liaison for English


Hart Johnson

Craig Vander Hart, WVC Philosophy facultyOffice: MAC 1553
Phone: 509.682.6874

B.A., English Literature, Western Washington University
M.A., English Studies, Western Washington University 

Faculty Liaison for Humanities

Kerin Keys

Kerin KeysOffice: Wenatchi 2226
Phone: 509.682.6740

B.A., Environmental Studies, The Evergreen State College
B.S., Environmental Science, The Evergreen State College
M.A., Mathematics, San Francisco State University

Faculty Liaison for                                                                                       Mathematics

 Erin Long

Erin LongOffice: Smith Gym 4001
Phone: 509.682.6772

B.S., Physical Education and Health, Eastern Oregon University
M.S., Education, Nova Southeastern University

Faculty Liaison for Physical Education

Dan Stephens

Dr. Dan Stephens, WVC Biology facultyOffice: Wenatchi Hall 2328
Phone: 509.682.6752

B.S., Biology, Boise State
M.S., Biology, Central Washington University
D.A., Biology Education, Idaho State University

Faculty Liaison for Biology 

Holly Thorpe

Holly ThorpeOffice: Mish ee twie 1225B

B.A., Communications: Journalism, University of Washington
M.F.A., Creative Writing, Eastern Washington University

Faculty Liaison for English


Annual Professional Development

All CHS Instructors are required to participate in annual, discipline-specific professional development.  This training is offered by your liaison and will cover the following:

  • Discussion of standards and course outcomes
  • Course curriculum collaboration/planning/clarifications
  • Pedagogy and course philosophy alignment
  • Assessing for learning
    • Grading scale
    • Assessments
    • Other assignments (portfolios, papers, quizzes, labs, etc.)
  • Site Visits
    • Schedule date/time
    • Overview of expectations and report form